Spotlight: Elegant Bridal Productions is a Fun, Informative, and Elegant Night Out for Brides-to-Be

Aug 27, 2014

The two ladies behind Elegant Bridal Productions, Brenda Ferrarini and Betty Kessler, understand that brides-to-be aren’t just planning an event, but planning a day that they have dreamed about for their entire lives.

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Vendor Spotlight: Berwick Travel, Expert Service With A Personal Touch

Nov 19, 2013

Trust the personalized and expert service of Berwick Travel for your honeymoon or destination wedding.

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Spotlight: Wedding Steps is Western Connecticut’s Premier Wedding Planning Resource

Jun 18, 2013

As every bride planning a wedding knows, there’s a lot of steps to creating a perfect event. And that’s where Wedding Steps, Western Connecticut’s premier wedding planning resource, comes in.

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Vendor Spotlight: Everything Bridal Shows provides access to the most trusted wedding vendors

Apr 11, 2013

Everything Bridal Shows have been creating wonderful relationships between leading wedding specialists and excited brides since 1989. They know that it’s difficult to pull together all the elements of a wedding, and that brides need support to do it. Everything Bridal Shows are designed to be an interactive experience, where brides can bring their friends […]

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Vendor Spotlight: Create Easy and Affordable Wedding Websites with eWedding

Jan 25, 2013

eWedding makes it easy and affordable to create your own personalized website for your wedding day.

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Wedding Invitations Sundays: 1950′s Inspired Wedding Invitations

Dec 16, 2012

If you're thinking of a 50's inspired wedding for yourself, you want to set the tone right out of the gate with some fabulous 50's inspired wedding invitations. Here's 3 great ideas for 50's inspired wedding invites.

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Wedding Flowers Saturdays: Symbolic Bridal Bouquets

Dec 15, 2012

The symbolic meaning of some flowers is ancient, and other symbolic meanings date to the Victorian era. No matter when the symbolic meaning of your bridal bouquet originated, find out exactly what you'll be saying to your handsome groom about the life you're about to start together.

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Wedding Photography Thursdays: An Intimate Low-Key Wedding

Dec 13, 2012

Are you planning a low-key, intimate wedding. Check out this wedding photography of Heidi and Jody's wedding from byCherry Photography for some intimate wedding photography inspiration!

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Wedding Cake Mondays: Monogram Wedding Cake

Dec 10, 2012

Monograms are simple and classic. Here's a look at how they translate to cakes and how to put your monogram together.

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Wedding Invitations Sundays: Destination Wedding Invitations

Dec 9, 2012

Destination wedding invitations are not just a wedding invite, but an invitation to adventure!

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