A True Love Story: Danielle and Mike


I love these engagement photos from Casey Connell Photography, especially because they feature the most awesome city in the world – New York City! Turns out these photos also feature a totally awesome couple, Danielle and Mike. Here’s what Danielle had to say about her True Love Story:

My very first memory of Mike is of him banging on my college dorm room neighbor’s door, and I remember thinking “who is this italian flagged tattoo’d looking motha-fella, standing in my doorway giving me the once over”?  He introduced himself and then he would pop in my room whenever he was in my hall.  One time I noticed a picture of me that was on our door collage, was missing after one of his visits, years later to find out he had stolen it! I attended his fraternity formal with one of my friends and Mike pretty much followed me around all night long.

We became friends over that spring semester and kept in touch during summer break.  That next fall he kept showing up at all my favorite hang out spots, I thought he was cute and funny, but I swore I would “never date a fraternity boy.”  We started spending more time together that fall semester and I would bring him chocolate milk and snacks when he was studying on campus.  He was handsome and had a sharp sense of humor that matched my own so we spent alot of time in stitches.  I started thinking, maybe I should make him an exception to my “no frat guy rule.”

He drove 3+ hours to visit me at my parent’s house over winter break, and took me to our first legit dinner date and have been inseparable ever since! We finished college together, moved to New York City and started our careers together, and now we are starting our forever together and we couldn’t be more excited!


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