A True Love Story: Alyssa and Brendan


You might recognize Alyssa as the winner of our 4th Apple iPad Giveaway! But it turns out Alyssa has a sweet True Love Story with fiancee Brendan too!

Alyssa and Brendan have been a couple for 4 and half years, and engaged since February 2011. They are currently hard at work making plans for their wedding on June 14, 2013.

You noticed that February engagement date, right? And you’re thinking Valentine’s Day proposal right? Turns out, it shook out a little differently for Alyssa and Brendan!

Just before Valentine’s Day in 2011, Brendan was lucky enough to win a V-Day gift basket from a local radio station. The prize included a gift certificate to a local eatery, Delaney House. Brendan asked Alyssa not to invite any other friends along so they could have an intimate dinner with just the two of them. Alyssa agreed and thought nothing of it because, you see, this was the week after Valentine’s Day.

“When we went home after dinner, a few of our close friends were there. I didn’t think anything of it, because Valentine’s Day had come and gone,” says Alyssa. “So we’re just having a small party and hanging out, and all of the sudden, Brendan got down on one knee and said, ‘There’s something I want to ask you’!”


Alyssa was completely shocked. But she did manage to yes! “It was a complete surprise,” says Alyssa. “We had talked about it, but he wanted to live together for a while before we got engaged and I agreed. Since Valentine’s Day had passed, I really didn’t expect him to propose.”

But propose he did and the couple are planning their wedding for June 14, 2013. Alyssa’s already hard at work on the details. “I’ve started looking at things and nailing down all my options,” says Alyssa. “I guess I’m still in the early planning stages.”

alyssa-mooreOf course, no matter how early the planning stages, Alyssa has finalized one detail – the dress! “I do have my dress! It’s from David’s Bridal,” says Alyssa. She notes it was her second choice, scored on her second dress shopping expedition. “Well, I went with my friends and found one dress that I loved. But then I went on a second trip with my family, and they liked a different dress. So that’s the one I ended up buying!”

Now Alyssa and Brendan are the proud owners of an iPad to help with the rest of the wedding planning details. She’s excited for the portability and says fiancee Brendan doesn’t have a smart phone, so it will be helpful for him as well. “I think it’s an easy accessory to bring on the road to help with the planning,” say Alyssa.

Let’s all give Alyssa a big round of congratulations on her sweet True Love Story and her engagement to Brendan!