A True Love Story: Colleen and Robert


Colleen is the lucky winner of the Pick-Fav-Like-Share Honeymoon Giveaway Contest! She and fiance Robert will enjoy a romantic and relaxing honeymoon in Kauai at the Outrigger Waipouli Ocean Resort. And after reading Colleen and Robert’s true love story, you’ll agree that romance and relaxation is definitely in order for this couple!

Colleen and Robert met about 2 years ago when mutual friends at their church introduced them. And then, as Colleen puts it, things “just clicked.” She and Robert have been together since. Robert proposed, Colleen said yes, and it reads like a fairy tale. But there’s slight hitch to this true love story.

Robert is a member of the Nation Guard, and like to many others, found himself facing deployment to Afghanistan. It was actually while completing his pre-deployment training in Mississippi that he proposed to Colleen. He had some time off, but wasn’t allowed to leave the base. Colleen flew down to spend time with him, and was surprised when he proposed to her. Colleen and Robert had discussed marriage, so the proposal wasn’t a complete surprise, but the ring was.

“We had looked at some rings, and given thought to which ones I liked, but he couldn’t leave the base to buy a ring,” says Colleen. “He called my friend at home, and she bought it and shipped it to him, so he could have when he proposed.”

Being apart from Robert is tough, as you might imagine. Colleen takes comfort in the prayers from friends and family. Through Robert’s sporadic access to telephones and internet access, the pair stay in touch. For Colleen, right now is a waiting game, but she keeps herself busy with, what else?, wedding planning and counting down the days until Robert’s safe return home sometime in the Fall.

“It’s hard, but a lot of people are praying for him,” says Colleen. “I have been pretty busy with the wedding planning, which I’m doing most of myself. I do have my dress, and I have my venue, and I’m just doing all the little things, one thing at a time.”

The wedding is set for December and Colleen and Robert have book a venue at a golf course. She find herself surprised that guest list has grown to almost 250 people, but as brides know, once you start thinking about who you know and love, the list is typically bigger than you expected. Colleen notes that she had never imagined having a Winter wedding, instead always picturing having a Spring wedding. “Robert will be home in the Fall and we just didn’t want to wait much longer,” says Colleen. “He’ll have a little bit of time to settle in and then we’re getting married!”

Before winning the honeymoon contest, Colleen and Robert had tossed around the idea of booking a cruise, but had not finalized plans. “We just want something relaxing. It’s been a tough year and just sitting on the beach, spending time together, and relaxing sounds perfect!” says Colleen.

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re delighted that the honeymoon is going to a couple who could use and who do deserve some romantic R&R! Congratulations Colleen and Robert, and best wishes for your future together!