A True Love Story: Jessica and David


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Jessica and David are an adorable couple with adorable engagement photos from Aaron Varga Photography. Lucky for us Jessica and David were willing to share their True Love Story with us! Here’s what the happy couple had to say:

Dave and I are a true online dating success story.  After a string of bad relationships, a good friend encouraged me to try online dating and now I cannot thank her enough as my first and only date resulted in my future husband.

Dave and I exchanged a few clever emails before he called to ask me out on our first date.  To keep the pressure down, we agreed to meet on a Monday for a drink after work.  I immediately felt comfortable and at ease and before we knew it, five hours had gone by and we had agreed to meet again that same week.  Our next few dates were just as amazing and Dave showed his romantic side with a few well-planned surprise dates.  After just one week it felt like we had always known each other.   Everything was easy and natural and I felt like I was finally “home.”

I think I always loved Dave and so it was easy after just a few months of dating to return the “I love you” Dave shared with me at a small park on a fall day.  And true to our goofy nature, it was only natural that a piece of bark would land on my head after we exchanged our romantic words.  Now we keep the “I love you bark” as a memento of one of our favorite days together.

Our Engagement

The week before Dave proposed, I had been really sick and therefore was excited for my first day off the couch and back in the “real world.” My friend and I had planned to go out shopping and get a pedicure but little did I know that it was a ruse to get me out of the house.  I remember at one point my friend suddenly saying, “My boys are up from their nap I have to get home.” This was because Dave had told her he was ready for me to head home.  Meanwhile, I called Dave to tell him and I might stop at another store and was confused by his insistence on whether I was “definitely stopping” or just “maybe stopping,” but didn’t think too much of it.

I must preface this part of our engagement story by saying that I love Christmas and all that goes with it; the lights, the music, wrapping gifts, etc.  I am always sad when the season ends.

When I walked into the house our living room had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  My favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, was playing, there was a tree, lights, candles (one for each month we dated) and even a pine-scented candle.  I still had no idea what was going on and looked at Dave like he was crazy.  He told me that Santa forgot one of my gifts this year and when I looked up he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand.  I of course said “yes” and had the happiest moment of my life.  I proceeded to call my family, or shriek happily at them because I was so excited.  Dave had asked my father for his permission and took my mom to see the ring so they had an idea that it was all coming.  We celebrated that evening with dinner at our favorite restaurant and then dessert with our dear friends.  “Christmas in April” was the best day ever.

We are now planning for our next “best day ever” with a December 2012 wedding at a lodge in upstate New York.

Why I love Dave

I think it can be difficult to meet truly good people.  While we all have our faults, there are some people that have beautiful, gracious souls and Dave is one of those people.  He is kind, generous, compassionate and a true gentleman.  He makes me laugh every day and reminds me to not take everything so seriously.  He makes me feel beautiful, specia,l and every day I know that I am loved.  He is comforting, caring and my best friend.  When he takes my hand I know that we will conquer whatever hills or mountains are ahead of us.  With Dave I know that I am complete and I am home.

Why I love Jessica

One of the first things I noticed about Jessica was her kindness.   I could tell, even from her photos on her online dating profile, that she had kind eyes and a kind smile.  It is not often you find someone who truly, deeply cares about other people, even strangers.  Jessica shows true caring for others on a daily basis, and it’s one of the major reasons I’m attracted to her.   Another thing I love about Jessica is that she reminds me that it’s okay to be idealistic and have high expectations.  People tend to lose their enthusiasm and innocence as they get older, but Jessica keeps a youthful innocence that makes her very endearing.   When she smiles and laughs it lights up the room.



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