Wedding Invitations Sundays: A Save The Date Magnet that Isn’t Lame

Oct 19, 2014

Sure, the save-the-date magnet is played out. But a little creativity makes this one worth seeing!

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Wedding Invitations Sundays: Royal Inspired Wedding Invitations on a Commoner’s Budget

Oct 12, 2014

Wedding invitations nspired by the royals, but on a commoner's budget? Smart Bride Boutique offers some high quality advice.

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Mountain Weddings | A National Park + Charming Rustic Fetes

Aug 22, 2011

Charming rustic weddings in gorgeous national parks. Not to be missed!

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Love the Woods, Love the Birds, Plant a Tree

Apr 27, 2011

Steal this Idea My life as a wedding blogger makes me feel guilty sometimes. I routinely publish beautiful weddings that I know are producing hundreds of pounds of garbage and stomping a big-ole carbon footprint on the planet. My own wedding would have produced much more had we not kept the leftovers to nosh on… […]

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