Wedding Tips: Simple Summer Bridesmaid Dresses


The job of every good bridesmaid is to show up, look lovely, be overjoyed for the happy couple, and party hardy. But picking dresses for your party is always a bit of a challenge. You probably have a variety of body types, personal styles and, of course, opinions. Being a considerate Bride gets harder as choices need to consider re-wear-ability and possible primadonna hissy fits. Add to this steaming hot summer weather and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes simpler is better. Choosing simple summer bridesmaid dresses can be a lifesaver. They come in a variety of lengths (for any time of day and formality), are generally made of cool, breathable fabrics, and they are definitely re-wear-able.

Check out some inspiration for simple summer bridesmaid dresses below, then hit the shops for your own. And there’s an added bonus fewer hissy fits.