Top 5 Wedding Food Trends


Gone are the days of steak, chicken, or seafood at wedding receptions! As weddings and wedding receptions move toward the more personal, the more eclectic, and sometime the more DIY, so too does the wedding reception food. Here at WedAlert we rarely see the kind of sit your guests down in a ballroom and serve them dry chick and asparagus tips anymore. Weddings are more fun and colorful, and if you’re planning a fun and colorful wedding, make sure your food is just as fun as you are. In the search for unique food ideas, check out these 5 top trends for wedding food.

Tastings and Mini-Snacks

Let’s face it, people like small things. The smaller the size, the cuter the thing  is. Aside from that, if you want your guests to get up and dance, don’t overfeed them. From mini-burgers to individual cakes, wedding food is trending smaller. If you offer mini-portions of passed tastings, your guests can have a greater variety of food, you just might actually make everyone happy, and they can boogie the night away!

Make Your Own… Return of the “Bar”

I’m a gal that loves a good bar, of the non-alcoholic variety (thought that will do too). One of my fondest childhood memories is piling it on at the steak house salad bar. The reason I love it was because it was my salad, with exactly what I wanted, exactly the way I wanted it. Your guests will love your food bar for the same reasons and you can accommodate both the food adventurer and the picky eater on your guest list. And well… it’s just fun! One my personal favorite food bars is The Spud Bar featured on The Inspired Bride. Seriously, I would have one of these in my house if possible.

Food Trucks

Once upon a time, the only food trucks on the road served up ersatz ice-cream and dubious hotdogs. But food trucks have become more sophisticated and offer up delicious food, often with a gourmet event. An emerging trend in 2011 weddings, especially outdoor weddings, is the inclusion of these tasty treats on wheels. Whether you want to have several trucks with an offering of food for the reception itself or have a truck roll up with sweet treats at the end of the evening, your guests will definitely remember your wedding!

In-N-Out Burger Food Trucks

Ice Cream Truck

Wedding Pies Instead of Cake

The wedding cake is a centuries old tradition, and for those hardcore traditionalist brides a groom’s cake is a must do as well. But you want your wedding to super unique, so why stick with tradition? And, hey let’s be honest, your on a budget and the traditional, multi-tiered, piped and draped wedding cake extravaganza is going to occupy a sizeable chunk of that budget. The solution? Wedding pies! The advantage is that you can have many pies for the cost of one wedding cake. Not only can you create a dazzling and delicious display on your cake table, but you can have multiple flavors and variety, all for less money! And who doesn’t love pie?

Wedding Pies

Wedding Brunch

Also in the effort to both cut costs and create a unique and intimate wedding experience, brides are trending toward the small and warm wedding brunch. The brunch is a great way to spend quality time with out-town guests and to have some tasty breakfast food like quiche or frittata. Make brunch yourself, or having help from the MOB and the MIL, can lend a special, familial touch to the event. But even if you decide to have your wedding brunch catered, you can still drastically reduce costs. There’s no need for a full bar when blood marys and mimosas are on the menu!