Where to Get Married Wednesdays: Get Married in a Castle


Get married in a castle, rowton castle

It’s your special day, right? You should feel like a princess, right? Is there a better way to feel like a princess on your wedding day than to get married in a castle? Pretty Clever Bride thinks not!

It turns out to be pretty easy to get married in a castle. Europe is rife with castles available for weddings and other special events. You don’t have to be Kate Middleton and you don’t have to marry a prince. Wait, even Kate Middleton didn’t get married in a castle did she? Score one for my inspired brides… you can trump the Duchess of Cambridge with your fit-for-roayl castle wedding!

As noted, many castles dot Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and France, including the beautiful Rowton Castle pictured above. If Rowton looks like an old pile of bricks to you, then you can explore all of your castle options on the fabulous castle wedding resource, Celtic Castles.

How about you, my inspired brides? Would you consider traipsing off to Europe to get married in a castle? Tell me all about it in the comments!