Wedding Cake Mondays: Geek Wedding Cakes


Star Trek Wedding Cake

It’s not rare these days to have brides and grooms that are really into the Geek Life. And when they’re getting married, they want to incorporate some of that into their big day. And why not? Especially if it’s a big part of who they are as a couple.

One of the best places to incorporate this is your cake. Your cake is the centerpiece of your day, but it can also be a great place to show people a little bit more personality than, say, at your ceremony, where you might want to remember your day without Cylons.

Geek wedding cakes have quickly gone from wedding trend to wedding staple, especially because this is you can really go big with this idea. The more fun, the better. Whether you like video games, Star Wars, Doctor Who or Scrabble, there’s a geek wedding cake for you.

Here’s some great geek wedding cakes to inspire you.

Star Wars

Video Games

Super Heroes

Other Greak Geek Cakes