Wedding Cake Mondays: Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc.

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At Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc., they specialize not only in wedding and bridal shower cakes, but can also help you design a cake from cookies or cupcakes, and help you set up a dessert table of pies, pastries, and other tasty desserts for your wedding reception! The extensive training that every baker at Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc. includes baking, decorating, and pastry classes, with a strong emphasis on wedding cake design. They are committed to making beautiful, high quality cakes and pastries that exceed all expectations!

Located in Saline, Michigan, Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc. delivers wedding cakes to Ann Arbor, Saline, and Southeast Michigan – including Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Jackson County, Monroe County, and Lenawee County, and the Southwest Metro Detroit area.

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A few FAQ’s that Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc. often receives:

Do you do cake tastings for wedding cakes?
Yes! Cake tastings are free and by appointment only. Our cake tastings are freshly baked; we do not serve frozen pre-sliced cake for our tastings.

We are on a budget for our wedding cake…can you accommodate?
Yes! We can work with your budget. We will provide a wedding cake to fit within your needs.

Who puts the fresh flowers on my cake?
We prefer to put fresh flowers on the cake ourselves – but your florist must provide the blooms.

How will I know how much cake I need?
During your consultation, cake sizing will be provided. (Also look into this Cake Serving Size Guide!)

What about my cake topper? Do you need it before the wedding?
If you have a cake topper, we like to see the topper before the wedding to check its weight..

What if I have more people coming to my wedding than expected and did not order enough cake?
Give us a call is your count has changed. We can adjust the cake sizes or add a kitchen sheet cake.

When do you deliver my wedding cake?
Wedding cakes are delivered 2 to 2-1/2 hrs before your guests arrive. We are never late.

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