Wedding Cake Mondays: Halloween Inspired Wedding Cakes


Halloween Wedding Cake - 15

Whether we like it or not, fall is coming. For many of us, this means the end of summer and the slow progression towards winter; but for fall Brides, however, this means a few steps closer to their special day. Keeping this in mind, let’s look ahead to the fall season with something a little bit fun: Halloween inspired wedding cakes.

Getting married in October is a tricky thing. Do you ignore the obvious festive nature of the season? Or do you embrace it with abandon? Well, for most Brides, it’s somewhere in the middle. Brides who get married in October often do so specifically because of the built-in opportunities it provides. There are no end of decorations in orange and black, and certainly a buffet of ghoulish theme ideas, if that’s what you’re looking for.

But how does this translate into your cake? Well, this is where the fun begins. Whether you choose a cake that has a classic style, accented elegantly with hints of the season or a  cake that is perfectly made for the occasion, such as dripping “blood” in red icing (or, for the less macabre among us, a dark chocolate version of the same thing), pumpkins or skulls, you can evoke the season while still having a classic cake that suits the overall style of your wedding.

We’ve put together some ideas for great Halloween inspired cakes to get you started. No matter what your wedding style, there’s a cake that’s just right for you!


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