Wedding Cake Mondays: The Kiffle Kitchen Bakery for PA Wedding Desserts

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The Kiffle Kitchen Bakery is a family owned and operated business that always has the finest tasting, quality desserts available! Their walnut fillings are made on the premises daily, and if you haven’t tried their desserts – you owe it to yourself to do so! They are a unique bakery in that they are one of only a few remaining where rolling pins are their busiest tool. Since 1985, elbow grease and pride in making delicious desserts go into all of their products; their goal has been to always supply their customers with great tasting, hand-made desserts!

homemade wedding desserts

Some quick FAQs to help answers those burning questions!

What is a Kiffle?
A Kiffle is an Eastern European pastry with dough rolled paper thin by hand and filled with assorted fillings.

I’m planning my wedding, how do I know how many pieces to order?
We suggest 3 to 4 pieces per person with other baked goods, or 4 to 5 pieces per person without other baked goods.

Can I order my product ahead of time for my parties or weddings?
You can place an order at any time, just make sure you give us the date you would like to receive them. We recommend you call us 10 to 14 days prior to your event to ensure availability. Your order should arrive one or two days prior to your requested delivery date.

How often do you make your product?
All of our products are made fresh per your order. We operate 5-7 days per week yearly.

How long does your product stay fresh?
Products in Gift Tins or Bulk Packaged items have a shelf life of 7 days. If you plan on keeping the product longer, simply freeze it as soon as it arrives. Hungarian Rolls have a shelf life of 7 days or 5 days from the date you receive it in the mail. If you plan on keeping the product longer, simply freeze it as soon as it arrives. Then, just thaw and enjoy!

How do I order for the Christmas holidays?
The Christmas holidays are very busy for us. Out of common courtesy for our local customer base, we take limited orders for December shipping…place your order early!

How long will it take to receive my order?
We ship within 7 working days of receipt of order.

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Raspberry Almond Cookies

Sticky Buns

Thanksgiving Kiffle

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake

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