Wedding Flowers Saturdays: Symbolic Bridal Bouquets


The symbolic meaning of some flowers is ancient, and other symbolic meanings date to the Victorian era. No matter when the symbolic meaning of your bridal bouquet originated, find out exactly what you’ll be saying to your handsome groom about the life you’re about to start together.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets


Symbolic Bridal Bouquets – Pink Tulips

You might not think of tulips as romantic, but pink tulips signify care and perfect happiness. They’re also perfect for a sweet Spring wedding.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - White Calla Lilies

The calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty. Calla lilies are so magnificent you should keep it simple, adding only a touch of natural greenery.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - Dusty Pink Roses

Dusty pink roses signify perfect happiness, gentleness, and grace. A bouquet like this one is the perfect romantic touch to a vintage inspired wedding.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - Violet Roses

Traditionally, a suitor gave his love violet roses to symbolize “love at first sight.” Noting could be more appropriate for your walk down the aisle.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - Ornithogalum Arabicums

Ornithogalum Arabicums, better known as Arab’s eyes for their tiny black centers, have a meaning as simple as their beauty: hope. Perfect for a chic, modern wedding, it’s better to scatter them in a bouquet with other flowers.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - White Lisianthuses

White lisianthuses signify charisma and charm, making an ideal bouquet for the bubbly bride or for a lavish wedding.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - Orange Ranunculuses

These vivid, ruffled flowers denote radiance and charm – just like your handsome groom. The hue and exuberance of orange ranunculuses make them the perfect flower for a summer bridal bouquet.

Symbolic Bridal Bouquets - Purple Orchid

Purple orchids can have many meanings including love, beauty, strength. Orchids are striking on their own as in this bouquet, but they also pair well with other flowers for a fuller bouquet.


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