Wedding Flowers Saturdays: Wedding Aisle Flower Petals


Instead of bridal bouquets, boutonniere ideas, or floral arrangements for your wedding reception, today we’re going to look into beautiful ways to use flower petals for your march down the aisle! Is there anything more romantic than rosebud leading you to your first kiss as husband and wife?

Boasting a multitude of colors and hundreds of different ways to use them, you can personalize flower petals to whatever suits your personality best! Whether your wedding is inside or outdoors, a laid-back backyard ceremony or a formal affair, flower petals can make all the difference.

white rose petals for wedding

Scattered Flower Petals
Scattered petals in any color add a sense of informality and romantic whimsy!

purple rose petals for wedding

scattered flower petals for wedding aisle

Formal Flower Petal Designs
These more elaborate and more formal designs make a real statement.

intricate design with flower petals

flower petal design

Flower Petal Pathways
Lead your guests to the wedding site and give yourself a grand entrance with a flower petal pathway.

white rose petals for wedding

pathway of flower petals

Flower Petal Edging
Petals edging the aisles uses fewer flowers, but still adds the same amount of color and drama!

Flower Petal Edging for wedding aisle

indoor flower petal aisle

Wondering how to figure out just how many flower petals will be needed to cover your wedding aisle? Fifty Flowers has a video explaining how to create your rose petal aisle and calculate how many petals will be needed!

outdoor wedding

diy wedding

flower petal uses in wedding

outdoor diy wedding

white flower petals

scripted flower petals

beach wedding

rose petals

oceanside wedding

rose petal edging

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