Wedding Photography Thursdays: How To Take Perfect Engagement Photos

Jan 30, 2014 by

Darling brides, I’ve been living and breathing weddings for years upon years, but when my guy proposed, my brain blanked on what to do first! If you find yourself in the same situation, before leaving for your engagement session, read the following expert tips from LA wedding photographer, Damien Smith, for a step-by-step ‘how-to’ to take perfect engagement photos!

Remember, if Murphy’s Law reigns supreme and you break out right before photos are taken, don’t feel the need to wear more makeup than usual to hide those blemishes; your photographer can retouch the images and remove any redness!

Thanks to Damien Smith for the following list of expert tips!

• Brides, get a mani and pedi; this is my number one thing to do for any shoot. Your hands and ring are important, and there’s nothing that ruins a shoot faster than no mani and pedi!

• Have your hair and makeup done before the session begins and bring a small touch-up kit with hairspray, gel, lipstick/gloss, and comb/brush.

• Grooms, get a nice haircut and a nice shave. Clean nails are great, too!

• Bring at least two outfits, one casual and one more formal and dressy. I love when people really think about the session and go beyond the call of duty by getting something really exciting for the shoot.

• Brides, borrow things if you have to in order to make your shoot great (especially great shoes!); bringing props that are special to you doesn’t hurt, either.

• When choosing clothes, try not to make them to contrasting. When one of you is wearing white and the other black, it’s hard for a photographer to keep all of those colors intact, because they are so far apart. Choose colors that are more similar and clothing that does not steal attention away from you.

• Try to pick a place that is interesting to shoot. If you can’t think of one, or don’t have a place special to you and your groom, your photographer should be able to help you decide.

• While photos are being taken, push your face slightly toward the camera and smile with your eyes.

As always, darling bride-to-be, the biggest note to be taken from all of this is to simply relax. Enjoy your day and have fun with your handsome soon-to-be husband as you prepare to share your love with friends and family!

If you’ve already done your engagement shoot, what are your tips for fellow brides? If yours is coming up, are there questions that you would like answered? Share in the comments below!