Wedding Photography Thursdays: Must Have Shots For Your Wedding, a Guest Post


We are beyond excited to bring you this guest post from Emma at Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog today! Read on for Emma’s excellent advice on the must have shots for your wedding, which is a followup to an excellent post on Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog. Be sure to give Emma a warm My Inspired Wedding welcome and drop by her site for some amazing wedding inspiration! ~ Pretty Clever Bride

The single most popular post on my wedding blog is a post about the ‘must have shots for your wedding’, a collection of stunning images to provide some inspiration for the style of wedding photography that might be your bag.

It comes with a massive disclaimer – you should never go to your wedding photographer with a list of specific poses / replications that you want, but having a browse through different photo styles can help you a) choose a photographer that specialises in the style you are looking for (are you looking for funky poses or more of a reportage relaxed portfolio)? And b) help you put together a list of must have shots that are not instructions but rather, guidance.

So, leading on from my last post – here is some more food for thought that will hopefully inspire you and your photographer to come up with some shots that are unique to you and your partner…

Capturing your Theme on Camera

You spend so much time putting together a theme or particular feel for your wedding that you want to make sure it is immortalised in your wedding photography too. And what better way than with you and your partner alone with your theme…

Balloons! {Photography: Brittany Esther Photography, Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

Beach {Photography: Millie Holloman, Source: Style Me Pretty}

Butterflies {Photography: Tiny Water Photography, Source: Ruffled Blog}

Autumn {Photography: Click Photo Designs, Source: Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog}


This is venturing more into the reportage area of wedding photography, something that I am a particular fan of. I absolutely adore wedding photographs that capture the fun and laughter felt on the big day.

{Photography: Ivan Castillo}

{Photography: Briana Marie Photography, Source: Project Wedding}

{Photography: Matt Andrews Photography, Source: Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog}

{Photography: John Day, Source: Rock My Wedding}


The Look of Love

Whether it be natural or a little bit posed – you can’t beat a wedding photograph that just exudes the love between a couple….

{Photography: Mandy Charlton Photography, via: Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog}

{Photography: Paper Antler, Source: Style Me Pretty}

{Photography: Cotton Candy Weddings, Source: Love My Dress}

{Photography: Caroline Tran, Source: Junebug Weddings}

Dance with Me

A romantic staple of the day for me, the first dance as man and wife and often a source of favourite snaps.

{Photography: Sarah Rhoads Photography, Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

{Photography: Tamara Kuzminski Photography, Source: Aphrodite’s Weddings}

{Photography: Melissa McCrotty Photography, Source: Ruffled Blog}


Sometimes if you capture bridal shots earlier in the morning, or you wait to take some of your photographs until later on in the day, your photographer can capture some of the best light…

{Photography: Gina Kolsrud Photography}

{ Source: The Photography Blog}

{Photography: Andy SEO Photography, Source: Style Me Pretty}

So which photos are catching your eye? Are you more of a funky poses or a moments captured sort of person? Leave a comment below and let us know :)

Emma is the director and editor of Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog, a wedding blog for the bride-to-be and wedding obsessed.