Wedding Songs Fridays: Classic Love Song Covers

Jan 31, 2014 by

Classic love songs are classic for a reason, darling bride-to-be! They were written to move you, remind you why you fell for your groom, and make you grin as you think of that first shared kiss. Sometimes, though, classic love songs can be a little problematic for wedding receptions. Every bride want her weddings to be personal and unique, and having your DJ spin the same love songs played at every wedding doesn’t really achieve that goal.

In addition, there are some songs classically played by bands that bring to mind a certain period or mood – like the angsty nature brought on by The Cure. So, when looking for a classic love song, (like The Cure’s aptly named: “Love Song”) look away from your youth and towards the modern, wedding-appropriate Adele.

Bride and Groom Wedding Dance Kiss

Bride and Groom Wedding Dance

bride and groom wedding reception

Bridesmaids Dancing

Just like the above example, there are hundreds of incredible classic love song covers! It’s the best of both worlds, soon-to-be Mrs.! You get the sought-after sentiment of the classic love song, but with a modern edge that brings your wedding reception music up to date and displays exactly how unique you are!

YouTube Preview Image Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley, covered by Ingrid Michaelson

YouTube Preview Image You’re Just Too Good To Be True – Frankie Valli, covered by Lauryn Hill

YouTube Preview Image At Last – Etta James, covered by Beyonce

YouTube Preview Image You Really Gotta Hold On Me – The Miracles, covered by The Beatles

YouTube Preview Image Love Song – The Cure, covered by Adele

YouTube Preview Image Across The Universe – The Beatles, covered by Rufus Wainwright

YouTube Preview Image Sea of Love – Phil Phillips, covered by Cat Power

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