Where to Get Married Wednesdays: Get Married in a Museum


Getting married in a museum is an excellent choice of location for a variety of reasons, to include the fact that they are extremely well kept (better kept than even the loveliest of dedicated wedding venues in some cases, since they’re public spaces that are regularly maintained), they have priceless décor, and bring history and elegance to your big day! Imagine the ambiance of a natural history museum or the eclectic atmosphere of a modern art museum as the backdrop to your occasion! Or, take it a step further and call your local shoe or pottery museum!

Elephant Wedding Photo

The darling notes how choosing where you have your wedding is, simply put, hugely important! Not only is it the place where you will stand up in front of your loved ones and declare your love for one another, but it is also the place where you will become a family. What you choose to surround yourself with on that special day will not only add to the fun and atmosphere of the party, but also live in your memories forever – so look into unforgettable locations…like a museum!

Almost all museums have spaces available for rent, as well as a preferred vendor list of caterers, photographers, and rental information for tables, linens, and more. To find the right museum for your big day (historical, cultural, artistic, scientific, etc), do an online search of museums in your area and imagine how you’ll look standing next to timeless pieces of art!

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