Where to Get Married Wednesdays: Traditional vs Destination Weddings

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Congratulations on your engagement, darling bride-to-be! Now let’s talk about one of the first questions you need to answer… Will you have a traditional or destination wedding? Many factors go into making a destination wedding work, beginning with confirming how many friends and family members can afford to make the trip. You and your mister will need to make the tough call in deciding how small or large you see your wedding ceremony and post-celebration being – but remember that you can always hold a celebratory reception party once you get back home!

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Expense is an obviously important factor that must be weighed into your decision about where to get married. While destination weddings are an up and coming alternative to the traditional ceremony,  they are not always the most cost effective route. When the expense of airfare, lodging, meals, ceremony venue, wedding cake, decorations, and music are factored in, it can easily add up to the same amount as having a traditional wedding in your home town.

It is also important to note that wedding venues may also be limited when on an island or more secluded area, and prepare for the possibility of being told that the only vendors available for use are those supplied by the hotel or resort.

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The cost that will be incurred by your guests also has to be addressed; if the demand is too much for your family and friends to pay, the guests will each miss out on the grand event – which means you and your groom run the risk of having your dream wedding with fewer attendants than you may haved hoped.

At the end of the day, soon-to-be Mrs., the choice is up to you! Consider all factors about both types of weddings, decide which event setting will fulfill your little-girl wedding fantasies, and remember that neither choice is better than the other! What matters is that you and your handsome fella take the time to weigh the options together and decide how to spend your special day.

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Are you leaning towards a traditional ceremony in your hometown or a destination wedding in a far-off (or U.S!) location? Share with me in the comments below! Looking for further wedding inspiration, soon-to-be Mrs.? Follow my Pinterest for wedding ideas ranging from wedding timelines and to planning a destination ceremony!

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